(July 2017) With Agenda 2030, governments have pledged to advance gender equality and empower women and girls.

At the same time, they have committed to strengthening international trade and using it as a means to finance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a way that is consistent with existing commitments, including those on women´s rights, and that respects each country´s right to implement policies for sustanaible development.

WIDE+ Gender and Trade 2017 Position Paper

b_170_0_16777215_00_images_fotos_2017_WIDEplus-conference-2016.jpg(30.6.2017) This paper critically examines contemporary European Union (EU) trade policy from a feminist perspective.

It argues that current EU external trade policy is fundamentally harmful to the human rights of women, men and children and to the preservation of our planet.

Its neoliberal core makes livelihoods more precarious, enhances inequalities, fosters financialisation of the economy, reduces access to medicines, undermines food sovereignty, and threatens environmental sustainability.

Feminist approaches to gender, migration, and democracy

WIDE (Austria) project within the frame of Erasmus+ / Strategic Partnerships


In cooperation with four partner organisations from the European WIDE+ network, WIDE carries out an Erasmus+ project (2016-18) with the aim to strengthen anti-racist feminist approaches within adult education on global/development issues.

(Nairobi, 30.11. 2016) As feminist, women’s rights and gender equality advocates we reaffirm our vision as highlighted in the Key Asks of the CPDE Feminist Constituency for the Nairobi High-Level Meeting, of a world where aid is no longer necessary. Where unequal power relations and undemocratic distribution of wealth and structures of injustices all forms of violence and war are transformed to create new forms of relations based on equality, dignity, respect and human rights that enhance solidarity, equity, inclusion, non-subordination and justice for all.

Abschlusserklärung der Konferenz (deutsche Fassung)

“Movements, Borders, Rights? Feminist Perspectives on Global Issues in Europe“
24.-25. Oktober 2016 - Brüssel / Belgien