halfofit EN(May 2020) We urge the European Commission and the European Council to make sure that at least half of the volume of the Recovery and Resilience Instrument is spent on women’s jobs and the advancement of women’s rights as well as equality between women and men.

If women stop the world stops(13.5.2020) WIDE supports the statement of around 200 networks, trade unions, and organizations demanding expanded investment in the “care economy” for a COVID-19 response and recovery that is just, green, and feminist.

As the pandemic exposes the weaknesses of underfunded health systems around the world, the collective burdens that are frequently shouldered by women continue to worsen. A robust recovery will be impossible without greatly augmenting the public services that support positive health outcomes and demands policy choices that end such exploitation, including women’s paid and unpaid labor in the public and private sectors.

(March 2020) WIDE supports common statement of many groups and organisations worldwide demanding peace, fundamental rights and freedoms of every person on the move.

Prioritize climate protection and public policy space!

(9.12.2019) As the Energy Charter Conference takes place in Brussels this week (10./11. December 2019), more than 270 civil society groups (among them WIDE) call on decision-makers to scrap the Energy Charter Treaty as long it continues to protect fossil fuels and includes the ISDS parallel justice system for corporations.

The civil society organisations – environmental, climate, consumer, development, trade related civil society groups, as well as trade unions – express in an open letter to European ministers, the EU Commission and Parliaments that the Energy Charter Treaty is incompatible with the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, just transition policies developed together with workers and their unions, and other necessary public policy measures.

WIDE+ open letter on the EC "Trade for Her" Conference

hamburg 3082070 340 (19.9.2019) WIDE+, with support of ActionAid International and further organisations, sent an open letter to EU Commissioner Malmström, concerning the conference organised by DG Trade on 30 September: ”Trade for Her: Empowering Women through International Trade”.

WIDE+ highlights that women are not a homogenous group and demands that the EU Commission needs to listen to the voice of women affected by international trade, not only to the champions and beneficiaries of the current international trade regime.